GET YOUR MOJO BACK! Lose Stubborn Belly Fat, Have More Energy, Beat Smoking and Booze, And Be The Highest Performing Man You Can Be

Discover how to stop feeling old, fat, sore, tired and GET YOUR MOJO BACK!

NOTE: We only have 30 spaces available for men who want to finally lose stubborn belly fat, beat smoking and drinking, and be better men, husbands and fathers


When many men start getting busy with business, work, family and kids they notice that their body stops working how it used to

They can’t lose fat as easily as they did in their 20s - and even when they do lose fat, it comes straight back on

They don’t sleep as well and they have less energy - often feeling like they’re on autopilot

Anxiety, stress and depression starts kicking in and they start to struggle with their mindset

To cope with the stress they start drinking, smoking or getting on the bags

Then their testosterone drops and they lose their sex drive OR (even worse) their ‘old fella’ won’t get hard or stay hard any more

They start feeling older than what they are… they’ve lost their mojo

Most of the time they’ll try new diets (like keto, vegan or intermittent fasting), start going hard at lifting weights or cardio, or even taking pills and potions that claim to boost testosterone, give them more energy and lose fat (like test boosters, pre workouts and fat burners)

But that’s the worst thing they can do 

How do I know this?

Because I see this every day…

We’ve helped over 6720 men aged 25 - 60 to lose stubborn fat, boost their energy, increase their testosterone and GET THEIR MOJO BACK

And if you’ve ever thought it’s too late…

Too late to improve your health and reduce your risk of issues like heart disease or depression...

Too late to stop drinking, quit smoking or get off the bags…

Too late to be the best version of yourself for your partner, kids, or work…

Or you feel that your body is working against you…

Then you’re in the right place

Because you’re about to discover HOW you can GET YOUR MOJO BACK and live the rest of your life as a high performance man


❌ Pills, potions or detoxes
❌ Hours and hours of training and exercise
❌ Starving yourself on diets

We’ll show you how to live every day feeling FUCKING AWESOME…

With more energy and less fat…

With peak testosterone levels...

And no cravings for food, drugs or alcohol…

Becoming the best dad, partner and worker you can be

It’s all thanks to our scientifically backed and proven methods that WORK for any men aged 25 and beyond.

No gimmicks or complicated bullshit

Just the support, education customised information you need to dominate your life - in every aspect

But before I show you, let me ask you…


You wake up feeling tired and never get out of 2nd gear. Coffee and caffeine helps… but not for long

You want to lose fat, but being consistent in keeping it off is hard. It feels like your body works against you and if you look at food, your belly grows

You feel stiff through your knees, back, shoulders or neck and it always come back - no matter what you do. It stops you from being able to play with your kids, work or do the things you’ve always done

By the end of the day or week, you’re hanging out for a few beers, smokes or disco biscuits to blow off some steam. 

You’re always putting work, clients, employees/employers, family and kids before you - and it’s wearing you down. You support everyone else to make them happy but sometimes it feels like you don’t have someone who is looking after you

You feel bloated, gassy, blocked up, or shit through the eye of a needle. You’ve tried eating differently or fixing your gut health but don’t know where to start

You don’t have the same confidence and belief in yourself that you used to. You doubt your decisions and this leads you to hesitate, making you feel stuck

If you can relate to even one of those points then we want you to know…


There’s no point in sugar coating it - your body and lifestyle has changed

What you used to do in your 20s to lose fat, have energy and feel awesome won’t work anymore

You don’t have hours of time to spend in the gym or prepping meals

And the pills, potions and shortcuts unfortunately won’t work to get you to where you want to be

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get back to feeling at your peak

Instead, we should acknowledge these changes in your body…

And be smart enough to work WITH them

The problem is, virtually every diet, supplement, nutritionist and coach is letting you down

They all just focus on the top part of the pyramid - diet and exercise

And it’s not their fault - it’s all they know

But you’re still left spinning your wheels

The REAL REASON you’re not making progress like you should is because you haven’t been shown what we call the hierarchy of health

The hierarchy of health covers the 5 main areas of importance in the body

1. Nervous System

This refers to your brain and the nerves throughout your body. 

These regulate fat loss, energy, mood, emotion, drive, motivation, hormone levels, digestion, muscle gain, immunity - literally every bodily process imaginable.

This nervous system is the root cause of all success and all failure. If we nail this, we can nail the summit

Here's an example - have you noticed that when you are stressed for a long period of time you gain fat, get anxious, sleep more poorly, your focus is poor, sex drive goes down, and life feels harder? 

Good luck climbing to the top with all that going on! 

Not going to happen

We fix this, your climb all of a sudden becomes effortless - just like James, Marcus and Dan

2. Next is the digestive system

This regulates all food and nutrients coming in and out of the body. 

More nutrient absorption = better physical AND mental performance. 

Plus it regulates our hormones - impacting testosterone, stress hormones (i.e. cortisol) and fat storage hormones

If this is on point, you'll have the energy and drive you need 24/7/365

3. Hormones

These work for the digestive and nervous systems

Testosterone gives us;

energy, drive, motivation, helps us lose fat/gain muscle and makes us feel like a fucking man.

Cortisol manages our stress - too much and we start getting sick, anxious, depressed and fat

It’s well recognised that the worlds’ most successful men - athletes, entrepreneurs, leaders within the community - have elevated testosterone and better management of cortisol

Optimise these and you'll be able to lose stubborn belly fat, improve your energy, and have optimal motivation 24/7/365

4. The Immune System

This is regulated by the nervous system, digestive system, and hormones. 

If this is out of whack we will be sick, have stiff/worn out joints - sore backs, stiff knees, won't recover, feel brain foggy, have low energy, poor sleep and terrible motivation

When we fix this you'll be able to keep pushing through the long days and hours effortlessly - and that’s the key to summiting.

Consistency over a long period of time

No one wants to lose fat, have amazing energy, boost their testosterone or have great focus for a day. 

We want it for our WHOLE LIFE!

5. The rest

If we maintain the base 4 levels of the body the rest will flow easily. 

Here's where we optimise nutrition, training, movement patterns and keep you at your peak

This is the icing on the cake

Have you ever eaten just the icing of the cake?

It’s nice to start with, but gets old quickly. The right balance is having a good cake:icing ratio

Most people focus on just the icing. You've probably seen that before - diets, calories, macros, exercise is all health people know how to talk about

And that’s why they get the results they do - they’re shit

96% of all people who start a diet gain back all the weight they lost

Men have lower levels of testosterone than ever

87% of all people have low energy and motivation

Just focusing on ‘The Rest’ doesn’t work

Introducing - The High Performance Man Program

This is not another diet and exercise program

The High Performance Man Program is a 24 week transformation designed to help fathers, husbands and business owners aged 27 - 65 lose fat, have more energy, boost their testosterone and GET THEIR MOJO BACK!

The program gives you the support, guidance, and education you need to make permanent changes — without restrictive diets or exhausting workouts.

The High Performance Man Program is simple, time effective and proven to work - rapidly!

Our unique approach has already helped 6720 men...

Now it’s your turn.

What Our Clients Say

It’s Never Too Late To Get Your Mojo Back, Feel Alive Again, And Be The Man You Are Meant To Be

Imagine waking up in the morning full of energy and NOT needing a coffee to get started

Imagine handling your stress without needing beers, smokes or drugs

Imagine spending every second of every day knowing that you’re performing at your best - at home and at work…

While knowing that you’re the best dad, husband, business owner or worker that you can be

Safe in the knowledge that you’ve reduced your risk of various health issues such as heart disease and depression

We give you the tools, education, and support you need to achieve all of this and more.

So if you refuse to keep continuing as you are...

Tap the button below to apply to join us and get the help, support and guidance you deserve.

Join Today To Discover

Why the nervous system is the key to losing fat (and keeping it off), boosting energy, improving testosterone and stopping drinking, smoking and drugs

✔ You’re past your prime so weight loss is hard, right? WRONG! Discover how to get better, leaner and healthier every day

How to lose weight and keep it off for good, even if your hormones and metabolism are ‘working against you’

How to have more energy ALL day - so you can dominate work and be a champion dad at home

✔ Achy knees? Sore back? Discover how many of our men soothe their achy joints and muscles… giving them their life back

✔ Why it’s NEVER too late to create a happy and confident version of yourself that you love (50 is the new 30)

✔ How to break free from the cycle of yo yo dieting, failure, and low energy… to live a motivated and happy life

✔ PLUS much much more…

What You Get

A no-bullshit course broken down into plain English. Follow along at home, on your phone or computer to master your body, nutrition, and mindset for a happier and healthier life

The member website contains our entire course curriculum and methodology. Check in and work through the content to create permanent changes in your body and mind so you can be a high performance man 24/7/365

Receive support from your dedicated coach every step of the way, so you never feel lost or confused. This time in your life can be frustrating, lonely and disheartening, we’re here to guide you — both physically and mentally

Join a community of blokes just like you who are on their path to being high performance men. Many of our guys say having a community of men supporting you is worth it’s weight in gold. As the saying goes, the wolf is always stronger in a pack!

Full coaching which covers how to optimise your nervous system, hormones, digestive system, immune system AND ‘the rest’. We will help you rebuild to your peak from the ground up!

An enjoyable, sustainable, fully customised nutrition program that’s as unique as you are. The goal is for you to NEVER need a diet plan again. This flexible guide is to help you hit the ground running with clear direction

In depth but easy to full training and exercise programming. This is designed to be simple, hassle free and totally flexible based on what exercise you want to do and where you want to do it

That’s everything you need to live a healthy, strong, and fulfilling life.

To get started, simply click the “apply now” button below.

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Complete the form, then pick a time for a chat with one of our legendary coaches.

Your call is confidential and you won’t be pressured into anything. 

There’s absolutely no risk in applying. 

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Just some of our member's result

You’ve got two options -

Option 1

to close this page, continue as you are, knowing you’re not at your best for the people around you…

You give up all together and accept that you’ll always be this way.

Maybe in a few weeks, months, or even years you’ll feel frustrated as HELL that you didn’t grab this offer when you first saw it. 

There’s no guarantee that we’ll have space in the future. 

We only work with a select number of men at any one time to guarantee a high level of service and support.

Option 2

You decide that enough is enough.

You decide you want a guaranteed way to lose fat, regain your energy, boost your testosterone and GET YOUR MOJO BACK... the fastest and most effective way possible.

And so you invest in your health, happiness and security by clicking the button below and booking a call with one of our no bullshit coaches.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you finally, lose fat, regain your energy, boost your testosterone and GET YOUR MOJO BACK!


What is it you do again?

We help men with 
✔️ get stubborn body fat
✔️ inconsistent energy
✔️ anxiety, depression or stressed
✔️ low sex drive and low testosterone

Get back to their peak!

We know that a successful program must be 

1. Effective, 
2. Enjoyable 
3. And, provide you with loads of support.

We will help you create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll lose fat, gain energy and get your mojo, but more importantly, you'll learn how to maintain this for the rest of your life.

What exactly do you help people with?

Mindset and direction
Daily habits and shifts to make this change permanent
Ongoing support
Long-term, sustainable results, forever!

Who does this work for?

Men who want to lose fat
Men who want to have more energy
Men who want to manage their drinking, smoking or drug use
Men who want to be a better, more calm father for their children
Men who want to be more successful in work and business
Men who want to have more testosterone and a better sex drive
Men who want to have more fulfilling relationships with their partner
What are the benefits?

Big Benefits, The Outer Evolution:

Lose fat permanently
Wake up full of energy - without needing caffeine to get through the day
Be more mobile and no more achy joints or back, knee, shoulder, hip or neck pain
No longer rely on alcohol or drugs to wind down
Be highly motivated to crush all areas of your life!

More Subtle Benefits, The Inner Healing:

Be more present when with your kids, partner and mates
Be more confident within yourself in social and work situations
Make more money (our average clients adds $30k per year to their income
Know that you’re acting like the man you want to be

How do you compare to other programs or services?

We don’t just look at ‘the rest’. We analyse every single area of the hierarchy of health using a holistic approach


As you can see from our testimonials, what we teach works. This isn’t hype or fluff, it’s proven by the results we get our clients.

It doesn’t matter what you have gone through, or how much failure, or little success you’ve had in the past. We have worked with all sorts of clients, each with their own unique situation.

We would love the opportunity and honour of helping you get back to your peak.

Let's get started!

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